Hasta Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Shaswati Eternal Girl -
Tharanya Shine; One who is young and from earth Girl Hindu
Shabina Sweet; To be in the eye of the storm Girl -
Shamsheer Sword; The sword of honours; One who has the sword of honors Boy Islam
Puma A variant of pomo and pouma; Spanish - mountain lion; Mountain lion Girl Christianity
Shalva Honest; An honest and peaceful man; Peaceful Boy Hindu
Purayana An indian female name; Oldest Girl -
Purdil Brave; Fearless; A courageous, fearless person Boy -
Shahrbanou Lady of the town; She is the lady of the town Girl -
Shashikiran Moon's rays; Moons rays Boy -
Pupinder God's affection; Lord's love; Lords love; Kindness and compassion of the lord Boy Hindu
Thaxter Roofer; One who fixes roofs Boy Christianity
Shatishay He is superior to tohers; Superior; Best Boy -
Pooranbir A complete warrior; An absolute defender; Perfect and brave Boy Hindu
Shaul A grave. demanded; Lent; Ditch; Asked; Death; A person who was prayed for Boy -
Shanasa She who has many desires; Wish; Praise Girl -
Pururava The founder of chandra dynasty; The one who founded the chandra dynasty Boy -
Puttika Small bee; A bee that is very, very small Girl -
Purvansh One rising in the east; Brilliant and radiant sun in the east; Sun; Purv disha; East Boy Hindu
Pul A bean that destructs; Bean; Destruction Boy -
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