Hawaiian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Moana Ocean; Hawaiian - ocean; A variant transcription is moanna Girl -
Keilani Keilani means skies and the sea; Glorious chief Girl -
Kealoha Kealoha means the one who is loved Unisex -
Maleah Bitter; Hawaiian for mary/maria: also means 'pretty little girl' or 'unique young lady'; As mary; Hebrew - wished for child; Sea of bitterness; To swell; Unique little girl/beautiful young woman; A variant form of maria Girl Judaism
Louann Hawaiian name meaning enjoyment Girl -
Kaipo Sweetheart; Kaipo means the sweetheart Unisex -
Makana A girl who is a gift to the world; Gift Girl -
Okalani A person who is the protector of nobility one who carries the nobility with dignity; Heaven Girl Judaism
Maile A vine that grows in hawaii that is used in making leis; Hawaiian nature name refers to a vine or a shrub Girl -
Kani Sound also the hawaiian equivalent of sandy; Kani means sound Girl -
Kaimee Kaimee means seeker Boy -
Alamea Ripe and precious being; Precious."; "ripe; Precious whole Girl -
Hina In mythology; A dual goddess symbolizing day and night; Goddess of fish or fishing; Henna. myrtle; Henna. myrtle.; Fragrance; Henna; Goddess of the moon Girl -
Kekoa Kekoa means brave warrior Boy -
Oddlaug A polynesian, hawaiian derivative of moses that means derived of water Girl Judaism
Kielle The name means gardenia Girl -
Kealii Kealii means chief Unisex -
Aulii Delicious; Something which is very delicious Girl -
Kapuni Kapuni name means favorite one Unisex -
Kale Kale means affectionate, calm; Strong and manly Boy Shinto
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