Hebrew Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Pesachya Pesachya is derived from the word "petach" which means opening or door Boy Judaism
Jereme The lord exalts; God is worthy to be exalted Boy Christianity
Madguparna Sweet girl; From a name magdalena, one from the tower town Girl Judaism
Jonelle Female version of john; Feminine form of john which means god is gracious; The lord is gracious; God is merciful Girl Judaism
Lirit Poetic; Poetic, one who appritiates poetry Girl Judaism
Sam God hears; The child of the sun, a bright one Boy Judaism
Anetta A variant of annette; Hebrew - god was gracious; It is a variation of anna; God has shown favor; Grace Girl Judaism
Zera Dawn; Seed Girl Islam
Ezekiel A person who is made stronger by god; God strengthens biblical ezekiel was a prophet among the captives taken to babylon at the first fall of jerusalem who wrote the book of ezekiel in captivity see also zeke Boy Christianity
Jolean It means gracious, pretty and merciful expressive, fun loving and have good sense of humour they are creative and happy persons Girl Christianity
Oshea A deliverer; A savior; Glowing embers, house aglow with lights Boy Judaism
Rebecca One who makes traps; Captivating Girl -
Arke The light-bringer Boy Judaism
Ephesian A desirable person Boy Christianity
Meirit Giving shining and power light, like the brightest sun in the universe Girl Judaism
Jessey Jehovah does exists; Variant of jesse jehovah exists Boy Christianity
Arik Sacred ruler; Latin - ram; Hebrew - lion of god; Greek - excellent purpose Boy Christianity
Ehud Meaning unknown; Abode of ridge Boy Christianity
Nizah One who blossom; Flower bud Girl Judaism
Rivaille A variant of name rivai which means contentment in hebrew Boy Judaism
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