Hebrew Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Ketutra A fragrance or a sacrifice by someone Girl Judaism
Lizette Variation of elizabeth my god is bountiful:god of plenty; Her life is her oath to god Girl Judaism
Gabor God is my strength; God is my strength and might Boy Judaism
Liviya A woman who is considered a lioness of the lord Girl Judaism
Jas A pet form of james; Praises/glories; Yahweh is merciful; Hebrew - yahweh is gracious Boy Judaism
Kea Kea means cool, cold breeze Boy Christianity
Adie Celtic - little fire; Latin - man from hadria, dark one; Hebrew - man; Kind; Noble Boy Judaism
Lasharon A traditional, ordinary and plain person Boy Judaism
Marichka Ukrainian version of maria, meaning star of the sea, bitter or beloved Girl -
Ami Dearly loved; Hebrew - lord of my people; It is a variant of name amiel Boy Judaism
Lize Lives her life by the oath made to god Girl Judaism
Livana The colour white, whiteness; White Girl Judaism
Meirav To maximize Girl Judaism
Lashanda The graciousness and mecifulness of god Girl Judaism
Temima She who is flawless; Without flaw Girl Judaism
Adelaine In german it means a noble person. in hebrew it means god is just Girl -
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