Hebrew Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Samy God; On hebrew it is considered as his name is god. on arabic, sublimate; Intelligent; Lama rose; Cave; Express a desire of feeling Unisex -
Evulka Alive or living Girl Christianity
Mitzi Small or bitter; A rebellion, one who is against wrong Girl Judaism
Yardena To flow down Girl Judaism
Mardelle Coming from the valley; Supplanter; He who supplants Girl Judaism
Sam God hears; The child of the sun, a bright one Boy Judaism
Namir A leopard or a panther; Swift cat Boy Judaism
Jeannette God is gracious; Diminutive form of jeanne Unisex Christianity
Judith Praised; Judith name means young Girl Judaism
Shawar Comet Boy Judaism
Shaun God is gracious; Variant of john from sean Unisex -
Yordana Bulgarian form of jordan, meaning to flow down; Descended from Girl Judaism
Annaliza The one who is devoted to god and are graceful beings Girl -
Addamson The son or the offspring of earth; Son of adam: man of the red earth Boy -
Marona Hebrew - flock of sheep Girl Judaism
Lizzie Diminutive of elizabeth: from the hebrew elisheba; Honoring her oath to the god; The lilly flower; Or god is satisfaction. also; Meaning either oath of god Girl Judaism
Sargon Who takes away protection; He who takes away the protection Boy Judaism
Haviva Beloved Girl Christianity
Ephesian A desirable person Boy Christianity
Adiel Arabic - being just, honest, a variant of name adil; Hebrew - ornament of god; Goat Boy Judaism,Islam
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