Hebrew Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Benson Son of benjamin Boy Christianity
Meah A hundred cubits; Biblical name meaning a hundred cubits Boy -
Levy One who is joined in faith Boy Judaism
Neveyah A fortune -teller Girl Judaism
Efron Young stag Boy Christianity
Kiva Protected; Kiva means shelter Girl Judaism
Daniyyel God is my judge Boy Judaism
Shauni The gracious and merciful lord Girl -
Mirella Jehovah spoke; Hebrew - god has spoken; Wonderful; To admire; A variant of mira Girl Judaism,Christianity
Malha A variant of malka; Hebrew - a queen; Queen Girl Judaism
Ithamar Island of the palm-tree; Palm island Boy Judaism
Zerach Shining light Boy Judaism
Ethill A german word meaning noble; Noble Girl Christianity
Adine A variant of adina; Ornament; Tender; Honorable; Delicate; Germanic - noble; Its form of name ada; Hebrew - slender Girl Judaism
Jennilee God has mercy upon us; Variation of jenny which is a diminutive of jane and jennifer Girl Christianity
Esty A feminized hebrew word which means star Girl Christianity
Orah Light; The one who resembling as light Girl Judaism
Jorell Jorell means the god will lift up; Modern the fictional character jorel father of superman Boy Christianity
Mayzee A beloved pearl Girl -
Nancijane The grave of jehovah, jehovah was gracious Girl Judaism
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