Hebrew Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Danita A prophet; Feminine variant of daniel god will judge Girl Christianity
Abs The god of peace or the father of peace Boy Judaism
Sara Princess; Soul; Precious; Arabic form of sarah; From the name sarah; Pure happy Girl -
Judd Praised; Flowing down; The praised one; Also means to flow down Boy Judaism
Razili The secret of the lord Girl -
Adem Brave; Old greek - manly; Earth; Hebrew - man Boy Judaism
Lashanda The graciousness and mecifulness of god Girl Judaism
Tovi Goodness of god; The goodness from the god Boy Judaism
Mate Gift from god; One who is like the gift of god Boy Judaism
Janne Gift from god; From old roman mythology, wife of janus Girl Christianity
Chereen Variant of cherie, cherilyn; Plain; Dear one; Freeman; Variant of cherie dear one:darling; Germanic - man; Darling; Hebrew - singer Girl -
Jovian Hebrew - yahweh is gracious, yahweh is merciful; Sphere that covers jupiter; A variant of name jovan; God of jupiter Boy Judaism
Kapriel Kapriel name means god is my strenght Boy Christianity
Amikam The one with the rising nation; Rising nation Boy -
Phineas The mouth of snake or an oracle; Oracle Boy Judaism
Kinnette Harp Girl Judaism
Abram Avrom and bram; Avram; Abramo; A form of abraham; He who is high is father.variants include abe; Abie; Abey Boy Christianity
Jos God will add another; The name jos means he will add Boy Christianity
Jacob The heel; That supplants; Held by the heel; Hebrew - yahweh may protect; Undermines; Son of isaac; He who supplants; One who supplants; Derived from the yaakov or yakubel in hebrew; Supplanter; Holder of heel Boy -
Davina A divine person; Beloved feminine of david; Adopted from hebrew Girl Christianity
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