Hindu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Bir Courageous Boy Hindu
Amanat Variant of amaanat: security deposit; A prized possession filled with faithfulness Unisex -
Kalaikannan One who is well versed in performing arts; Artistically talented like lord krishna; Art maker; Lord of krishna Boy Hindu
Alankrit Poetic; A variant of name alankar; Fully decorated; Decorated Boy Hindu
Kaavya Kaavya means poetry, motion; Poetry in motion Girl Christianity
Pratigya Promise; Pledge; Pledge, vow; Vow Girl Hindu
Nimal Pure; An independent, justified and adventerous being; Blameless Boy Judaism
Subaahu Strong armed Boy Hindu
Raunak Pride and glory; One who reached fame Boy -
Kalidass One who serves goddess kali; Name of a great indian poet; Black colour; Poet name Boy Hindu
Kristy A crystal-like woman; Christ-bearer Girl Judaism
Gadin One who is armed with a club; One who wields the mace; Lord krishna; One of many names of lord krishna Boy -
Diyanwita They spread light; Lamp; A lighted lamp Girl Hindu
Praveena Feminine form of pravin, a sanskrit name meaning "skilled"; A variant spelling is pravina; Skilled Girl Hindu
Bal Baby with a full head of hair; A baby with lots of hair Boy -
Karunal Kind or merciful person; Kind; Benevolent; Merciful person; Compassionate; Generous Boy Hindu
Kantrava One who resembles a roaring animal; Resembling a roaring animal Boy Hindu
Abhinivesha Determination; A desire that is long cherished; Long cherished desire; Faith Boy Hindu
Sahoj Strong; One who is strong Unisex -
Hagos Happiness."; Joy, happiness, pleasure; Tigrinya of ethiopia name meaning "joy Girl Hindu
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