Hindu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Chanthou A flower found in cambodia Unisex Hindu
Pruthviraj King of earth; One who is the king of all earth Boy -
Jasvinder Lord's glory; Magnificence of lord; Lords glory; Splendid god Boy Hindu
Krisha Krisha means divine; Divine Girl Judaism
Vanna Golden; Golden colored Boy Hindu
Jeevatma Spirit of life; A jain ascent; Life; Soul Boy Hindu
Naksh A drawing or a sketch; Feature; The moon Boy Judaism
Kamlaj Lord brahma; One of many names of lord brahama signifying his birth from lotus Boy Hindu
Manav A person of male gender; Man Boy Judaism
Hazz Pleasure delight luck good fortune Boy Hindu
Subhadra In hinduism; A wife of arjuna, sister of krishna; Wife of arjuna; Of krishna; Source of great welfare; The sister of krishna; Mother of lord krishna; A wife of arjuna; Sister; Goddess durga Girl Hindu
Roshini Light; Charming; Powerful; Brightness; A lightess and brightess Girl -
Chetu Power of intellect; Consciousness of mind Boy -
Jaskiran One who sings lord's praises; Light of glory Girl Hindu
Peeyush One who is like milk and nectar; Nectar Boy Judaism
Avikshit Unique; Never seen before; Not see before; Never seen something similar Boy -
Bhuvan Palace; One of the three worlds; The world Boy Hindu
Noor Angel; Light; The greatest star ever in the universe (sun) Unisex Judaism
Juana God is beneficent; Gift from god; Gods gift; Gift of god such people know how to deal with their life and what they have to do they are nice and unselfish; A flower Girl Christianity
Dhyey Aim; Objective; Target; Goal; Mission Boy -
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