Hindu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Rutuvarna Colourful season; The colorful season Boy Hindu
Poorna Fullfilment; Complete; Fully contented Girl Hindu
Aparoopa Extremely beautiful; The one who are very beautiful and mature Girl -
Drdhasena A precious human being; They are noble Boy Hindu
Oma The color of olive; Cedar tree; Commanding; Life giver; Named for bona dea; The one who always stretches his helping hand to others; Commander Boy -
Netik The best; Old-fashioned, customary, outmoded, cultural; Excellent Boy Judaism
Ritap Sacred action; Guarding divine truth Boy Hindu
Kaj Kaj name means in greek earth, in latin rejoice; Earth Boy Hindu
Vyoma Sky; Bird, who lives in the sky; Heaven Girl Hindu
Harleen Feminine of harley; Meadow of the hares feminine of harley Girl Sikh
Rajju Rope; Plain; Simple; A star Girl Hindu
Pavankumar Hanuman; Air; Wind; Name of lord hanuman signifying him as son of the wind; Bheem; Name of bhim; Derived from sanskrit word pavan meaning purifier Boy Hindu
Aashi Smile; Laughter; Cheerful; Delighted and happy; Mile Girl Hindu
Hazra A man who is a prophet; Ultimate Boy Hindu
Madanraj Good looking; Attractive and lovable; Appealing; Pleasing Boy Hindu
Joshila One who is filled with enthusiasm; Filled with enthusiasm Girl Hindu
Purha A variant of name pura which means complete; Pure; Full Boy Hindu
Mikul Comrade; Friend; Pal; Companion Boy Hindu
Golochan No meaning as this is a modern name; Golochan are strategic, touchy and kind they are peacemaker and likes to make companions and take after their instinct Boy Christianity
Sundeep Sundip; Similar to sandeep Unisex Hindu
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