Hindu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Aakesh Lord of the sky; Sky; A variant of aakash Boy Hindu
Vaagdevi Goddess of learning; The goddess of learning; Saraswath Girl Hindu
Acharyanandana Another name for aswatthama; One who is considered the son of the teacher; Son of the teacher; A derivative from acharya Boy Hindu
Jerrold Gerald; Variant of gerald rules by the spear Boy Hindu
Kallola Kaolla name means a huge wave of joy; Name of a raga Boy Christianity
Sourja (shaurya) Brave Boy Hindu
Madhubrati Honey bee; One who is like a honey bee Girl Judaism
Rithish One who is the strongest of all men; Truth; Lord of truth Boy -
Jayavel Handsome; Always claiming victory; Lord muruga name. always victory Boy Christianity
Ashakiran Ray of hope Girl -
Prafuljeet Splendourous success; Blooming victory; Magnificent victory; Brilliant triumph Boy Hindu
Dhvanya Suggested meaning; Sound; Voice Boy -
Vishweswari Subject Girl Hindu
Jagatkishor The child of the world; World child Boy Judaism
Kanik An atom; A grain; Blood; Atom; Small Girl Christianity
Atmiya Swajan; One who is close to heart; Our near and dear ones; Friend Boy Hindu
Tokka One who is united or joined Girl Hindu
Jenil Victorious god swaminarayan; Victory of blue; Possessing desirable or positive qualities Boy Sikh
Daman One who controls; Variant of damon: gentle to tame a variant of damian in greek legend damon was a loyal friend of pythias famous bearer in modern times: american author damon runyon; Tame; One who can be tamed; Demon; Controller Boy Christianity
Abhramu Clear; One who is delightful; Steady Boy Hindu
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