Hindu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Girven Rough; Small rough one; A variant of girvan Boy -
Girjesh One of the many names of lord krishna; Lord krishna; King of mountain Boy -
Bitasok One who does not mourn Boy -
Tvashta Creator of living beings; Heavenly builder; He who is strongest Boy Hindu
Khsitij Born of the earth; Horizon Boy Hindu
Rikita Innocent; A very clever and wise young woman; Season; Pleasing Girl -
Suvarnarekha Ray of gold; Line of gold Girl Hindu
Bandita Who is worshiped Girl Hindu
Paawanjeet Sacred or divine victory; Victory of the pure; Victory of innocence Boy Hindu
Souraiya One who is like a sunlight Girl Hindu
Abhinivesha Determination; A desire that is long cherished; Long cherished desire; Faith Boy Hindu
Urvija Goddess laxmi; A name of goddess laxmi Girl Hindu
Gourangi Gaurangi is a composition of two words gau which means cow and rangi which means color gaurangi means a girl whos color is like cow; Fair complexioned; Fair Girl Christianity
Nishikaant Lord of night; Lord chandra (moon); The husband of stronger woman Boy Judaism
Baltishna Powerful; The name means 'powerful' and strength girl -
Gunvant Righteous; Excellent; Virtuous; Honourable; Worthy Boy -
Rajasekhar Lord vishnu; A crown on king's head Boy -
Bhuwan Human; World or universe; Palace; One of the three worlds; Home Boy -
Kailey Kailey means each of the two; Variant of kay and kayla keeper of the keys: pure Girl Hindu
Sanaatan Permanent; Lasting or intended to last or to be permanent Boy -
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