Hindu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Geetesh The lord of the geeta; One of many names of lord krishna signifying him as creator of gita Boy -
Tanav Flute Boy Hindu
Chintal Thoughtfulness; Full of good thought Girl Hindu
Phiroza Armenian - turquoise; Turquoise Girl Christianity
Animash Omnipresent; Attractive; Omniscient; Open eyed; To stare open-eyed; Bright; Endearing; Divine Boy Hindu
Daarshik Perceiver; The one who perceives Boy Hindu
Shashrvat Name of lord sun; He who is the lord of sun Boy -
Neethika Truth; The one who is trustworthy and honest Girl Judaism
Logesh Name of a god; One of many names of lord shiva considering him as the supreme being of universe Boy Hindu
Jandi A precious flower; Spirit of pink Girl -
Gaurab One who brings happiness and pride; Glory Boy -
Sajni One who is dearly loved; Beloved; A dearly and deeply loved person Girl -
Yash Victory or glory; Victory; Glory; Goodwill; Success; Amous; Success or victory Boy Jainism
Maartanda Name of one of king of travancore; The sun Boy Hindu
Gunavati Known for goodness of character; One who is blessed with beautiful qualities; Virtuous; Made beautiful by virtues Girl -
Jagdish Lord shiva; Ruler of the universe; Supreme being of the universe; King of the world Boy -
Mikhael One of the main angels of allah; Hebrew- who is like god?, latinate feminine form of michael Boy Judaism
Tilika An auspicious mark or symbol; Auspicious symbol Girl Hindu
Anookul Good; Ideal; Compatible; Fortunate; Pleasant; Endless Boy Hindu
Dia Daughter of morning; Day Girl Christianity