Icelandic Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Holti Small forest; Copse; Wood; He who comes from the small forest Boy -
Böðvarr Son of thorleif Boy Christianity
Sigurdur He who is a victorious defender Boy Christianity
Isabella God is perfection, or god is my oath; Variant of elizabeth my god is bountiful:god of plenty Girl Judaism
Dogg Dew; Icelandic word for dew Girl Christianity
Thordis Spirit of thor; Woman of thor Girl Christianity
Smiðr A smith in icelandic language Boy Christianity
Erikur A form of eric, meaning peaceful ruler; One who has great strength Boy Christianity
Guðrún Fight or secret Girl Christianity
Eiðr Promise Boy Christianity
Arnar Warrior or soldier Boy Christianity
Álfsól Elf sun or elf hall Girl Christianity
Pala Water; Like a guardian; Near upland meadow; Small Unisex Judaism
Elvar A variant of alvar, meaning elf warrior Boy Christianity
Fridrika Peaceful ruler; Icelandic form of fredrica, meaning peaceful ruler Girl Christianity
Hávarr High warrior Boy Christianity
Vigharthur One who is fearless in war; Fearless in war Boy Christianity
Ólafur Ancestor's descendent Boy Christianity
Halldora Half spirited; Thunder, or thunder goddess Girl Christianity
Hinrik Icelandic form of henry; A form of henry it means estate ruler Boy Christianity
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