Indian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Abeedha Permanent; Stands for constant, wonder girl and permanent Girl Hindu
Unnat Energized; Progress or development Boy Hindu
Suvimal Pure Boy Hindu
Dakshith Lord shiva; Name of lord shiva Boy Hindu
Narinderjot Kings light; The light of the king of men Boy Judaism
Sansita A high praise; Praise Girl -
Darshanbir Vision of exalted bravery; Exalted vision Boy Sikh
Humesh Point where something begins or arises; Great; One who is individualistic, charming and honest person; The tiger man; Intelligent Boy Islam
Gurchandan Fragrance of guru; The perfumic smell, the religious leader franance the guru Boy Christianity
Manogya Appealing; Attractive; Pleasing; Delightful; Good looking; Handsome Boy Hindu
Arbinderjeet A person who graceful and is victorious; Victory at the feet of lord Boy -
Banspal Fosterer of descendant; One who is a fosterer offspring Boy -
Anudeep Divine light; Eternal lamp; Lamp; God's light Boy Hindu
Khadijah Muhammads first wife who the koran describes as one of four perfect women (fatima and mary and aisha were the others); The name means daughter that is born before she was due; Premature daughter first wife of prophet muhammad Girl -
Patag Fire; Sun; Brilliant, radiant and shining sun; The sun Boy Hindu
Hiranyak Name of a maharishi Boy Hindu
Ritvik Sage; Seeker of enlightment; Saint; Scholar; Scholar head of the vedas; Head of the vedas; Priest; One who meditates on lord's name Boy Hindu
Aadipta Bright, intelligent, radiant, luminous, glorious; Bright Boy Hindu
Jeeva Life; Refers to the experience of being alive; Immortal Girl Christianity
Nur al din Brightness of the faith; The clarity of the trust or hope Boy -
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