Indonesian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Cahya One who is the light in darkness Unisex Buddhism
Guritno Poetess or poetic Girl -
Ndari Full moon Girl Islam
Halab Hopefully fit (indonesian), largest city in syria Boy Christianity
Rara A woman of lesser nobility Girl -
Adhiarja Safety Boy Buddhism
Elok A beautiful woman, or jewel Girl -
Agung Grand or great Boy Buddhism
Bakti An obedient boy Boy Buddhism
Joyo Victorious Boy -
Kemala Beautiful stone Girl -
Ningrat Noble Girl -
Taman One who is needed; One who is like a garden Unisex Islam
Batara God Boy -
Diah A young and powerful girl Girl Christianity
Mentari The sun, who gives powerful light to whole world Unisex -
Santoso Peaceful Boy Hindu
Marshanda A brave and bold girl Girl -
Perdana The first; An indoneasian name meaning first Boy -
Kemuning A yellow flower found in indonesia Girl -
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