Irish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Alphonsus A variant form of the name alfonso; Gothic - noble and ready; Noble or ready Boy Christianity
Neill Champion form of neil; A person who is always wins Girl Judaism
Crevan Fox, cunning, smart individual; Fox Boy -
Kiandra Variant of kian ancient; Kiandra means archaic Girl Judaism
Orania The one who can be seen as gold Girl Judaism
Elveva The meaning of this name is elfin or elf leader Girl Christianity
Sun One who is like a sun; From the town by the river boyn Unisex Christianity
Keridwen Nice; Kerianne means dusky, dark Girl Judaism
Diarmaid Free man; Irish king; They are without envy Boy Christianity
Dee Dark and sacred goddess; Abbreviation of names beginning with the letter d Girl Christianity
Scathach One who is in the shadow Girl -
Pixie A fairy or sprite; A tiny, green, pinty-eared fary Girl Judaism
Caoimhe Lovely and charming; A precious and gentle lady Girl Christianity
Carrolin A full grown champion Girl Christianity
Shae An admirable man, from the fairy fortress; Variant of shea courteous Unisex -
Cace Variant of casey alert: vigorous; A man who is observant and alert Boy Christianity
Alana Peaceful serene like an awakening; Beautiful: dear child Unisex -
Damon Tame; Docile Boy Christianity
Eohric A very powerful ruler Boy Christianity
Corrianne From the bubbly, frothy seething pools; Variant of cory meaning variously - from the round hill: seething pool: ravine Girl Christianity
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