Irish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Seabern Born of the sea Boy -
Aedbald A bold or brave fire, a friendly fire Boy -
Makenzie Mckenzie"; "variant of mackenzie; A person born from fire Girl Judaism
Alphonsus A variant form of the name alfonso; Gothic - noble and ready; Noble or ready Boy Christianity
Justin The name justin means upright, lawful; Judicous Boy Christianity
Pierce Form of piers from peter; Meaning a rock; Variant of peter Boy Judaism
Dominica Name of a saint; One who is very close to lord Girl Christianity
Aidrian From the adriatic; From the adriatic sea Boy -
Eonan Oath or little seal Boy Christianity
Meara Happy; Irish word for sea Girl -
Saibh A sweet girl Girl -
Caela A woman who is slender; Slender. variant of caley or cailley: Girl Christianity
Min A clever person, sharp-minded, quick responding person; Smooth: fine: small Girl Judaism
Brigita A woman who is ascending; Exalted one Girl Christianity
Briann She ascends feminine of brian; An ascending one Girl Christianity
Mairia Irish name describing someone who is bitter; Bitter Girl Judaism
Moyna Bird; Noble Girl Hindu
Brien He ascends 10th century brian boru was a high king and great national hero of ireland; A high noble man Boy Christianity
Caralynn She is loved and free Girl Christianity
Rilei A gallant and brave woman Girl -
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