Irish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Fallyn She who is in charge; In charge Girl Christianity
Engla Swedish feminine form of the word angel Girl Christianity
Mealla She who is as sweet as honey; Lightening Girl -
Maelis Prince Girl Christianity
Canice A boy who looks very good; Handsome Boy Christianity
Kyler A place-name referring to the narrows: a wood or a church; The name means shelter Boy -
Dallen Blind one; Variant of dallin blind Boy Christianity
Adare From the ford of the oak tree; One who belongs to the oak tree ford Boy -
Carthage Loving; He is very loving Boy Christianity
Rion A name of the pagan giant; A pagan giant Boy -
Kelland The name means strife Boy Christianity
Clooney A land filled with grass; Hailing from the meadows Boy Christianity
Killian Killian means fierce; Strife or battle small: fierce Boy Judaism
Immaculata One who is perfect and immaculate; The immaculate conception Girl Christianity
Rianne From john; An excellent, skillful queen, a goddess Girl -
Cathal A mighty great warrior; Strong in battle Boy Christianity
Tigernaci A lord; Name of an irish lord Boy Christianity
Kacie The name kacie means vigilant in war; Modern kacie and variants are phonetic forms of the initials kc or variants of the irish name casey alert: vigorous Girl Christianity
Brea Hill also variant of brina and breanna; Virtuous and strong as a hill girl Christianity
Cedrych A loved kind person; Meaning bounty-pattern; A 6th-century king of wessex; Variant of cedric: cedric was a character in sir walter scott's 1819 novel ivanhoe. possibly derived from a misspelling of cerdic; Or from the welsh cedrych Boy Christianity
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