Irish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Leila Nocturnal; Nighttime, time of a day after the sundown; Dark. born at night. heroine of byrons the giaour (1813).; Dark beauty; Name of a saint; Born at night.; Dark as night; Night; Variant of layla: night born at night sweetheart Girl -
Reagan A descendant of the impulsive person; From the king Boy -
Aaden Warmth of the home; Warmth of the home; fire; flame; Aaden means fire and flame; Flame; Fire Boy Christianity
Shai To be a gift; Variant of shea courteous Boy -
Eachann Steadfast; It means 'horse-lover' in irish Boy Christianity
Calybrid Saint bridget's servant Girl Christianity
Camrin He has a very crooked nose Boy Christianity
Diarmaid Free man; Irish king; They are without envy Boy Christianity
Sheridon Wild one; He who is untamed Boy -
Phinean Irish - fair; Light-skinned; White Boy -
Caragh To love someone Girl Christianity
Briahnna A strong noble lady Girl Christianity
Caelin He who is like heaven; Variant of caelan: powerful warrior Boy Christianity
Ailia Germanic - of a noble kind; Light; Bright one; A variant of aili; Irish - light Girl -
Breyson A son of the powerful woman Boy Christianity
Kianne Kianne means centuries old, ancient Girl Judaism
Shawn From the name john; Gift from god; Derives from john; American spelling of sean; God is gracious; Present; Variant of sean: irish variant of john: god is gracious; From the shady grove; Variant of john from sean Girl -
Ernie Derived from ernest; A feminized irish name which means earnestly serious and determined Girl Christianity
Aisling Dream or vision and referring to an aisling, ; Vision Girl -
Aiden Fire; Little fire Girl -
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