Islam Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Munawara An enlightened and wise woman Girl Islam
Qahir Conqueror victorious; A victrorius one who conquers Boy Islam
Abdulwaali A great servant of the governor and inheritor; Slave of the governor Boy Islam
Etti Myrtle or bride or star Girl Islam
Abeed Worshipper of god; A derogatory term that means slave, servant or worshipper Boy Islam
Amjad Arabic - greater glory; Noble; Expert; Most glorious noble; More gratifying; Skillful; More illustrious; Most excellent Boy Islam
Tuhi Bird sound; A noise or sound which a bird can make Girl Hindu,Islam
Abdulnasser Granting victory; Servant of the helper; Servant of the one who is granting victory Boy Islam
Azeeb Amazing; Fresh and sweet Boy Islam
Tameen Protection; Patronage; Care; A perfect man Boy Islam
Jamil Good looking; Beautiful. graceful.; Handsome; Beautiful Boy Islam
Atiyyatullah The gift from allah Girl Islam
Aaliyah The name means to ascend, high, lofty, sublime, highly exalted, tall, towering, the high, exalted one; Ascender Girl Islam
Daryab River; Daryab is a variation of darya and means river Boy Islam
Abdalrazzaq The servant of the helper Boy Islam
Bulusu Sweet; A person who is humble and small Boy Islam
Fidda One who is like as sliver; Silver Girl Islam
Ergin Ripe, matured or seasoned Boy Islam
Abdulla Servant of god; Variant of abdullah (arabic) which means allah or god's servant Boy Islam
Zayda A variant spelling of zaida; Lucky; Huntress; To increase; Fortunate, prosperous; Lucky one Unisex Islam
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