Israeli Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Ataret Someone who is being crowned; Crown; Blessed Boy -
Avishag My father strays Girl Judaism
Elnatan Gift of god Boy Judaism
Ornette Light, cedar tree Girl Judaism
Orali My light; Light Girl Judaism
Rivkah Other name for rebecca; One who snares Girl -
Chiram Noble; An exalted and noble being Boy Judaism
Shachna Close to god Boy Judaism
Saadya God's helper Boy Judaism
Rebekka Servant of god; A girl who traps and baits Girl -
Mazzy A precious pearl; A pearl; Precious Girl -
Timur Iron; Iron, a person who is as strong as iron Boy Islam
Jonati My dove; Dove Girl Judaism
Geva Hill Girl Christianity
Jaryn A cry of joy; Modern variant of israeli jaron cry of rejoicing Boy Hindu
Mazal Luck or fortune Girl Judaism
Jeriel Strong: open-minded blend of jerold and darell; God has witnessed; In the bible, one of the six sons of tola and patriarch of the israeli tribe of issachar Boy Christianity
Aleana Immigrant to a new home Girl -
Yitta Light Girl Judaism
Kurbiika Proud Girl Judaism
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