Italian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Luigino A beloved warrior Boy Judaism
Gianetta God's generous gift Girl Christianity
Keraja Kera means beloved Girl Christianity
Sandro From alexander; Human race protector Boy -
Nicolien The people who are a champion Girl Judaism
Benedicta A danish name; Feminine form of benedict: blessed from benedictus meaning blessed famous bearers: 6th-century italian saint benedict of nursia founded the benedictine order of monks and nuns the benedictines monastical order Girl Christianity
Januario Devoted to janus, a variation of january Boy Christianity
Remigio A person who is a rower Boy -
Dahna Lady from the respectful title donna; Respectful lady Girl Christianity
Nario A cheerful person, always cheering; Cheerful Boy Judaism
Grazina They are very inspriring, graceful and kindthey are self-made and very powerful in their circle; Grace Girl -
Florentine It means 'to flower and bloom'; Blooming; It refers to anything from the italian city of florence Girl Christianity
Fabricio A man who is very crafty Boy Christianity
Coppa A golden coup, a reward Girl Christianity
Gianluigi It means god is gracious, famous warrior it is a combination of the names gian and luigi represented in christian religion Boy Christianity
Edgardo Fortunate and powerful; A wealthy man who is known for riches Boy Christianity
Raffaella Hebrew - god has healed; A variant form of name raphaela Girl Judaism
Emiliano Industrious; This name means someone who is industrious and has the zeal to work hard Boy Christianity
Albin White; White alban and albin are english surnames probably based on spanish/italian place name alba Boy -
Aloysia Famous fighting; Name of an italian saint; A strong willed person renowned in battlefield Girl -
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