Jainism Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Nihir First rain of monsoon; Wind Boy Jainism
Vasupujya Vasupujya is the name of the 12th tirthankara; Name of the 12 th teerthankar Boy Jainism
Viren One who is the leader of heroes; Brave lord Boy Jainism
Samkit Right knowledge; Right knowledge, satisfied, self realization; Self illumination; Self realisation; Satisfied Boy Jainism
Veeresh One who is brave and strong; Brave lord; The king of all warriors; Another name of lord shiva Boy Jainism
Ullupi A girl with a pretty face; Pretty face Girl Jainism
Bhranti Day dream Girl Jainism
Mruga Mruga is the name of a bird; A name of a bird Girl Jainism
Shatichandra Shatichandra is taken from the name shantinath and means lord of peace Boy Jainism
Aaushi Long life; Careful; Knowledgeable; One who is careful, knowledgeable and blessed with a long life Girl Jainism
Rishabhdev Rishabhdev is the variation of rishabhnath and means morality Boy Jainism
Vimal Clean; Pure Boy Jainism
Shital One who is cool and calm, cold; Cool Girl Jainism
Vaishali An ancient city of india; Historical city it's also the birthplace of bhagwan mahavir; Name of an ancient city; Historical city Girl Jainism
Kushmandini A jain yakshini; Born from a pumpkin Girl Jainism
Parshva Name given to a weaponed soldier; Short form of parshvanath; 23rd tirthankara in jainism Boy Judaism
Sambhavnath It's the name of the 3rd tirthankara sambhavnath means born or manifested; Name of the 3 rd teerthankar Boy Jainism
Vama Durga; A lovely woman; Lady; Lord shiva; Woman Girl Jainism
Ritvi Female priest; Scholar; Lady indian priest, right guidance, scholar the one who has completed vedas; Head of vedas; Brightness; Cookie; Priest Girl Jainism
Suhash Ever smiling; One with a sweet smile, sweet smiled Boy Jainism
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