Japanese Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Masumi A woman of true purity and beauty; Innocence Girl Judaism
Jigme Power; Fearless Boy -
Rikuto A person of the land Boy -
Masato Japanese name for justice; Just Boy Judaism
Maru Used to suffix in japanese names; Gentle; Something precious Boy -
Kazu Cashew nut; Kazu means the first one; Dry fruit Boy Christianity
Naomi Merry; One who is pleasant / a beauty above all others; Pleasantness; Beautiful; Enjoyableness or niceness or satisfaction; Agreeable; Pleasant; Delightful - pleasant Girl Judaism
Mitsuki The gracious moon, the beauty of moon Girl Judaism
Sen Name of lotus flower; Wood fairy Girl -
Sunako The sand child or the dark side Girl Buddhism
Tomoe A blessing in the form of friend Girl Christianity,Buddhism
Sayuri Flower; Little lily; A flower Girl -
Renjiro Clean; Successful; Honest; Upright; Virtuous; Triumphant Boy Hindu
Hatsuko Japanese - first born child Girl -
Koya Smart; A clever and quick witted leader Boy Judaism
Aia One who is famous, ruler of the house Girl -
Nishi Alert; Getting stronger; Growing stronger and stronger; West Girl Judaism
Ainu ; Goddess of fertility; Human like Girl -
Koto Harp; Koto means pure Boy Judaism
Kenji Intelligent second son; Kenji means he is strong and vigorous, a wise second son; Strong and vigorous Boy Christianity
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