Judaism Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Hrishitaa The best; Joyful; Deep knowledge; Who brings happiness Boy Judaism
Kherington The name means she is sprung from the fire Girl Judaism
Ljudmila A person who is favoured by the people Girl Judaism
Palanichamy A name of a god; Name of a god; They are individualistic Boy Judaism
Naamnirmal One who is holy through naam; The one who is sacred via her name Girl Judaism
Hamelin Lover of home; Little home-lover; Home Boy Judaism
Marisen An aggressive young man Boy Judaism
Miftaah Variant of miftah: key opener; Fundamental or basic Boy Judaism
Piyusha Drink that makes one immortal; Milk; An elixir that gives immortality; Amrit Girl Judaism
Leary Occupational name, cattle keeper; Cattle keeper Boy Judaism
Miciah Gift from god; The priceless gift from god Girl Judaism
Jezra The helper of or who helps jezebel Girl Judaism
Mital The friendship or the companionship; Sweet; Friendly; Friendship Girl Judaism
Landy Ruler with great power Boy Judaism
Hridik Beloved; Lord of the heart Boy Judaism
Mirth The pleasure of joy, the cheerful Girl Judaism
Lemuel Dedicated to god; One who is loyal to god Boy Judaism
Janki Goddess sita; Name of goddess sita Girl Judaism
Papina A passionate individual; Ivy Girl Judaism
Parthasarathy Arjunas charioteer krishna; One who is charioteer of partha Boy Judaism
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