Jyeshtha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Yasha Substitute; Defends man.; Fame; Holder of heel; Supplanter; Hebrew - yahweh will protect Boy Judaism
Yayati Name of a sage Boy Hindu
Yates Gates; Lives by the gates Boy Christianity
Yukta Idea; Attentive; Skillful; A latitude Boy Hindu
Yajnarup Lord krishna; A name of lord krishna Boy Hindu
Noulakh Of nine hundred thousand; One of nine lakhs Boy Judaism
Yuvasri A beautiful woman; Beautiful Girl Hindu
Yugap Best of the era Boy Hindu
Yael Strength of god; Mountain goat Boy Judaism
Nochehuatl Consistent; Constant Boy -
Noris Variant of norris; Horse of the person who has come from the northern part Boy Judaism
Novia Girlfriend; New comer to the family; New Girl Judaism
Yudhvan Skilled in war Boy Hindu
Yuvraani A young princess; Princess Girl Hindu
Norwood The soldier at the northern entrance; From the north forest Unisex Judaism
Norcross The person is from the crossroads from the northern part; From the north cross roads Boy Judaism
Yadunandan Lord krishna; Son of yadu. a name of lord krishna Boy Hindu
Yubhashana A name of goddess mahalakshmi; Goddess mahalakshmi Girl Hindu
Nolcha Sun; Reflects the shining sun Girl Judaism
Norwell From the north spring; One of the climate seasons that comes from the north side Boy Judaism
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