Kannada Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Prithish Lord of the world; One who is the lord of the entire world Boy -
Kashvi The name means luminous; A shining man; Kashvi means a shining star. it also means goddess of luck.; Shining Girl Christianity
Birendra King of warriors Boy Hindu
Paravi Bird Girl Hindu
Triambak Lord shiva Boy Hindu
Sukhmani She who is a peace bringer; Bringing peace to heart Girl Hindu
Jaiden God has heard him; Variant of jayden (god has heard) Boy Christianity
Mahipati Lord of the earth; A variant spelling is maheepati; The king; King Boy Hindu
Siddhi Achievement; Wife of lord ganesh; Completion; Having spiritual power; Knowledge and wealth Boy -
Mittali Friendly; A close person, closer than friend Girl Judaism
Jarnav A name given to lord shiva; A biblical name; Lord of shiva Boy Hindu
Jaigopal A salutation to lord krishna; Victory of lord krishna; Triumph of lord krishna Boy -
Azhagar Attractive; Beautiful; The handsome one; Handsome one; Very appealing Boy -
Kovid Clever; A learned man; Intelligent; Wise; Shrewd; Astute; Expert Boy Hindu
Joshita Pleased; The meaning of hte name is pleased Girl Shinto
Hanika A graceful woman, swan; Swan Girl Christianity
Purvith A male name of kannada origins; Arise from the east; Earth Boy -
Devanshi A divine messenger; Divine; Divine, divine power Girl Jainism
Tungesh Moon Boy Hindu
Ramgopal Lord rama and lord krishna Boy -
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