Kanya Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Pragahi Beholder of knowledge; To progress, improve, advance Girl -
Prathysha A woman beautiful as a dawn, one who is like the sunrise; From sanskrit word prathyusham; Early morning Girl -
Pushka One of the holy gem stone blessed by guru (venus) graha; A gun or a cannon; Helpful; One who is a barrel of a rifled gun Boy -
Pashupriya An individual who is fond of all beings; Fond of all beings Girl Judaism
Pramod Joy; A delightful young man; Cheerful; Glory; Happy; Delight; Happiness Boy Hindu
Prakhyat A famous individual; Famous Boy -
Phoola A flower which is about to blossom; The one blossoming like flowers Girl Judaism
Porush The power of the man; Man power Boy -
Padmaja Goddess laxmi; One who resides in a lotus; Lakshmi; Born from lotus; One of many names of goddess lakshmi Girl Hindu
Panchamudra Worshiping; Five gestures made in worshiping an idol; An idol who has five gestures Girl Judaism
Pallabha Emotional; Name of a renowned saint Boy Judaism
Prabhat Dawn; Born during the morning; Morning; Rising time of the sun; Early morning Boy Hindu
Premi Fearful; A sweetheart, a lover Boy -
Prathish Beautiful; Good behaviour; One who was born to rule due to his or hers good behavior and beauty Unisex -
Peruman Name of lord venketeswara; God Boy Judaism
Pemal Awesome; One who is filled with sweetness Girl Judaism
Pathik Wanderer; Voyager; One who is not a constant and cannot be contained in a place; A traveller; Traveller; Explorer Boy Hindu
Patralekha A name from ancient epics; Name from ancient epics Girl Hindu
Poul Little; A small, little person Boy -
Patty A variant form of patricia; Female version of patrick; Lady; Of noble birth; Latin - noble women Girl -
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