Karkat Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Horado Timekeeper; Spanish form of horace timekeeper Boy Christianity
Humera Highest imaginary bird who soars; The imaginary bird who soars the highest girl -
Hammer Tool that delivers a blow; Hammer Boy Christianity
Hiranmaya Golden; Made of gold Boy Christianity
Hasin Beautiful, elegant, strong. laugh; Variant of chasin: strong; Laughs Boy Christianity
Hestia Goddess of the hearth, symbol; Old greek - hearth; Roman equivalent of vesta; Myth name (goddess of hearth and home) Girl -
Hughette Little hugh; Bright in mind and spirit girl Christianity
Hadly Variations of the name hadley; From the heather meadow Boy Christianity
Harihara A form of the hindu supreme god; Vishnu and shiva joined together Boy Christianity
Honnesh Rich; A wealthy man; Rich person; Prosperous Boy -
Hitesh Lord of goodness Boy Christianity
Harti Daring Boy Sikh
Hidaayat Guidance, instruction; Variant of hidayat: guidance instruction Boy Christianity
Harpinder God's home; Residence of god; Abode of god; Gods home Boy -
Hamdard One who shares sorrow; Kind; Merciful; Companion; Sympathetic; Friend Boy -
Henrick Ruler of an area; Strong ruler Boy Christianity
Huston Old english - settlement of houses; From the settlement on the hill of hughs town; A variant of name houston Boy -
Himansh Part of shiv Boy Christianity
Hamdiyah One who praises a lot; The one who praises lots Girl Hindu
Hasnat A variant of hasina; Good; Elegant; Beautiful; Fair; Cheerful; Pretty; Virtues Girl -
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