Kenyan Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Gathoni She is an in law Girl Christianity
Owuor One who was born mid morning Boy Christianity
Waceera The wanderer Girl Christianity
Sokoro Lucky one Boy Christianity
Wangombe Of the cattle Boy Christianity
Kerubo Born on the plain Girl Christianity
Mandere Beautiful beads Girl Christianity
Wanjeri Born of njeri Girl Christianity
Faraja Comfort, relief or rest Girl Christianity
Mukami A person who milks cows Boy Christianity
Aluoch One who was born during an overcast morning Girl Christianity
Natori Bird; Sacrifice Boy Christianity
Wangu The one who gathers the firewood Girl Christianity
Gatete Kenyan form for milk gourd Boy Christianity
Eidi Festival or feast day Girl Christianity
Ducha Small or humble Girl Christianity
Waitimu Born of spear Boy Christianity
Almasi Diamond Girl Islam
Njoki She who returned Girl Christianity
Wekesa Luhya of kenya name meaning "born during harvest time."; Born during the time the crops gather Boy Christianity
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