Krittika Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Anoopjot Unique radiance, incomparably beautiful light; Unparalleled glow; Radiating the beautiful light Boy Hindu
Catlyn Variant of katherine meaning pure; She is pure and an innocent girl Girl Christianity
Zulfah Nearness; Nearness, closeness; Closeness; One who is very dear; A variant spelling is zulfa which means first part of night Girl Islam
Adhiraj Ruler; King; Emperor; Supreme and almighty power Boy Hindu
Drina Defender of mankind feminine of alexander; One who defends the mankind and is a variant name Girl Christianity
Aenon A spring or natural fountain; His eye; Fountain; A cloud Boy -
Dhrtarcis Initiative; Lord vishnu; Of constant splendour Boy Hindu
Ahyan Gift of god; "moments", "times", "era Boy Islam
Adalwen Noble friend; The noble companion or friend Boy -
Fawziyyah She is one of great success; Variant of fauzia: victorious triumphant successful Girl Islam
Farris One with the strenght of the iron; Iron strong Boy Christianity
Amana A nurse; A warrior at heart who is faithful and loyal; Truth; Integrity Unisex -
Ceasar A bluish-grey color eyed man; To cut Boy Christianity
Alya Exalted; Heavenly body filled with divinity who is sublime, great and beautiful in all aspects Girl -
Zurah The heavenly body venus; Venus Girl Islam
Aadinatha Another name of lord vishnu or lord krishna; The primordial master Boy Hindu
Foroohar It means quintessence or intrinsic nature; Essence Boy -
Atral Pron aatral; Powerful; Expert; Skilled; Mighty Boy Hindu
Bridgit Derived from bridget; A woman who is moving up in life Girl Christianity
Erchanhardt Sacred; A german word meaning sacred and pious Boy Christianity
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