Kumbha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Shivlal Lord shiva Boy -
Genny Variant of jenny white wave; The one who is pure, unpolluted, polite and fair Girl Christianity
Sadra Chief; Leader; A chief, a leader; Judge Boy -
Shatarupa Lord shiva Boy -
Samskar Good ethics and moral values; A person with high moral values and good ethics Boy -
Stein One who is like a stone; Stone Boy Christianity
Safal To succeed; Succeed Boy -
Subandhu Good friend; A good friend Boy Hindu
Gerwyn Impartial love neutral love; Fair love Boy Christianity
Sarengi A sort of fiddle; A musical instrument Girl -
Sam God hears; The child of the sun, a bright one Boy Judaism
Stuti Goddess durga; Praise; One who is strnogly built and powerful Boy Christianity
Safford From the willow ford; One from the willow ford Boy -
Shipley From the sheep meadow; Sheep meadow Boy -
Garjan Bellow; Thunder; Loud and powerful sound Boy -
Saada A helpful person; Swahili name meaning "help." Girl -
Gogula One of the many names of lord krishna as the lord of serpents; Lord krishna Boy -
Gira The name gira means lenguage; Language Girl Hindu
Gungian Excellence of devine knowledge; Excellence of divine knowledge Boy Hindu
Shimeka "beautiful princess.god beautiful angel; Faith"; A beautiful princess Girl Christianity
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