Latin Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Franchot A frenchman or a free individual; Variant of francis: frenchman famous bearer: movie producer francis ford coppola Boy Christianity
Marva Marvelous; A mistress of the house Girl Judaism
Orban Born in the city; Hungarian accent of urban Boy Judaism
Gloriana Derived from the latin word gloria; Glory; Glorious grace Girl -
Adora "adore."; The glory of a person, adored; Chamoru spanish Girl -
Lilyanna Alternate form of liliane, after flower lily; Lily flower Girl Judaism
Tiffin The epiphany of god Girl Christianity
Eunisia A latin word meaning good victory Girl Christianity
Padarn Latin - fatherly; The name of a notable welsh saint, a contemporary; Meaning unknown Boy -
Ara To see; Seeing.; The name of a constellation; Idealistic and cursing; Cursing; A legendary king / of the altar; Opinionated; Intelligence of an eagle.; Embellishing. adorning. Boy -
Lette A feeling of great pleasure and joy; Variant of letta Girl Judaism
Rodolphus A wolf of great fame Boy -
Amalle The one who has power and the power to work; Variant of amelia: from the old german amalburga; Meaning labour and the latin aemilia; Variant of amelia Unisex -
Lorenzo He who lived in italian city laurentum; Derived from lawrence Boy Judaism
Ganna Favor, a woman who is full of grace Girl Greek
Romulus One of the founders of rome; Founder of rome Boy -
Jillene Jove's child variant of gillian from the masculine julian; Young person in simple words powerful and full of life person Girl Christianity
Floretta Made of 'flora'; It represents a flower; Flower Girl Christianity
Costel Diminutive of constantin; Steadfast; Constant; Meaning unknown Boy -
Tiera The earth or the land Girl Christianity
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