Magha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Milred Variant of mildred; A strength that is very gentle Boy Judaism
Mitansh Friend; Sweet; A tiny particulate of the dear friend Boy Judaism
Manojaya He who conquers hearts; Who wins heart Boy Judaism
Maralynn Diminutive form of marie which is a variant of mary which means bitter; Bitter Girl -
Miguel Who is like unto yaweh; Spanish form of michael god like Boy Judaism
Mahtalat Moon-faced; A person with the beauty of the moon Girl -
Mahzuz One who is of great luck and fortune; Fortunate Boy -
Margerie French name meaning daisy flower; Variant of the french margerie Girl Judaism
Manish God of mind; Intellect; One who is the lord of the mind; Lord of the mind; Intelligent Boy Judaism
Makura Mirror; A reflection in the mirror Boy Judaism
Malick A variant of name malik; Above all earthy rulers; God; The king Boy Islam
Mahesha One of many names of lord shiva signifying him as greatest lord; Supreme lord Boy Hindu
Meyyarasan Truthful; The person who is innocent Boy Judaism
Mahavishnu A name of lord vishnu; Lord of vishnu Boy Judaism
Mabon A knight; Mythical god of youth Boy -
Mansukh Pleasure of mind; One who has delighted mind; Pleasing; Happiness and joy of the mind Boy Hindu
Madurai One of names of lord krishna; Krishna; One who killed demon madhu Boy Hindu
Majd A glorious person; Glory Unisex -
Maddie Woman from magdala variant of madeleine madeleine: (english/french) woman from magdala; A woman with great strenght in the battle Girl Judaism
Mandavanth A respectable man, gentleman; Respectable; Gentleman Boy Judaism
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