Makara Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Jesicca Yahweh foresights, ability to predict; Foresighted; The lord beholds Girl Hindu
Jawaid One who is alive; Liberal generous destiny Boy -
Khushnuda The name means the girl is happy and full of delight; Happy; Agreed; Delighted Girl -
Janeen No meaning as this is a modern name; French form of jane meaning god is gracious Girl Hindu
Jami A beautiful woman; Pet form of james used as a womans name; Beautiful Girl Christianity
Jasdayal Glory of kindness; Renowned for benevolence; Well known for his compassion Boy Hindu
Jaecar A variant og jaegar; Hunter; German - hunter Boy -
Jogaraja Lord shiva; Lord of ascetics; One of many names of lord shiva Boy Hindu
Jorcina Variant of georgina; These people are easily admired because of their intense personality they are watch maker and jeweler in profession they have unite attitude and develop friendship Boy -
Jav Whole wheat; Name of whole wheat Boy Hindu
Khsitij Born of the earth; Horizon Boy Hindu
Julieta From julian jove's child; They have the most precious smile and set their ideals real high they have a hidden talent and bring joy wherever they go; Variant of julia Girl Christianity
Jwalanath Radiance and brilliance of light; Light of a lamp Boy Hindu
Jimit To win others hearts; One who is pleasing, appealing and charming and wins heart Boy Hindu
Jaisal Famous people; Famous folk Boy Christianity
Jonnalagadda Lord shiva; One of the many names of lord shiva Boy Hindu
Jameelah Beautiful; A chaste woman Girl -
Jennilee God has mercy upon us; Variation of jenny which is a diminutive of jane and jennifer Girl Christianity
Jennison Son of jan; Jennison is a variant of jenison; English - son of jan Boy Christianity
Jerica Form germany; A gifted ruler; Strong Girl Christianity
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