Malay Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Ramita A pleasing woman; Pleasing Girl -
Gavisht Abode of light Boy Hindu
Amanath One who is precious and valuable to be treasured; Treasure Boy Hindu
Kamlakar Brightness, brilliance and radiance of lotus; Brightness Boy Hindu
Ravikeerti One whose fame is like the sun; One whose fame is like sun; Popular and famous for brilliance like sun Boy Hindu
Rama krishna Names of lord rama and lord krishna; Lord rama and lord krishna Boy -
Kiyash The name means the song of the birds, the cooing of the bird; Lord shri krishna Boy Judaism
Barsha Rain Girl Hindu
Akshat One who cannot be injured; Rice used in worship; Whole or complete; One who can\'t be harmed or destroyed; One who cannot be harmed; Uninjurable Boy Hindu
Yara In mythology; The goddess of the river; A mermaid; The bright light; Water lady Girl Christianity
Amish Truthful; Genuine; Pure; Respectable; Virtuous; Unadulterated; Honest Boy Hindu
Anoush Immortal; Never ending; Sweet tempered; Eternal; Everlasting Boy Zoroastrianism
Piyush Milk; Nectar; A drink that makes a man immortal; Amrit; Sweet water Boy Judaism
Madhu priya A person who loves the sweet honey; Fond of honey Girl Judaism
Artana Conquerer of all enemies; Supplication; Request; Vanquisher of all foes Girl -
Ami Dearly loved; Hebrew - lord of my people; It is a variant of name amiel Boy Judaism
Champakavathi Owner of champak trees; Champak tree Girl Hindu
Yuthika Multitude Girl Hindu
Shyamantak Lord krishna Boy -
Shantiprakash Light of peace Boy -
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