Malayalam Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Draupadi Wife of pandavas; Daughter of fire, Girl Hindu
Bakool Flower; A flower; A pleasant and eas going person Boy -
Antim Extreme; End; Utmost; Last Boy Hindu
Pooja Divine ritual; Idol worship; Spiritual offering; Worship; Prayer Girl Hindu
Shay A gift; Gift; Variant of shea courteous surname Boy -
Narasimha The sun, who gives powerful light to whole world; An incarnation of lord vishnu Boy Judaism
Javin A swift one; Swift Boy Judaism
Bijli Lightening; Bright; Lightning Boy Hindu
Bhagwati Goddess durga Girl Hindu
Chandrak Peacock feather moon; Peacock feather; Feather of peacock; Variant of chand: shining moon Boy Hindu
Himan Himan was the name of one of the famous slaves that had a hand in building the tomb of queen venika Boy Hindu
Manas Wise; Powers; Mind; To think Boy Hindu
Bhuwnendra One who rules the earth; Merciful and graceful. they are confident and look through the future; Supreme power in the earth; Bhuwnendra means king of earth. one who rules the earth. people with this name are found to be very ruling; Dominating; King o Boy -
Phanishwar King of serpents; Lord of serpents; . king of serpents Boy Hindu
Abhinithi That which is already been performed, friendship; That which is already been performed; Friendship Girl Hindu
Navy The new one, the ninth position; No meaning as this is a modern name Girl Judaism
Shuddhi Goddess durga; The name of goddess durga Girl -
Taniya Fairy princess; Name of princess; Russian pet form of tatiana; Object of sense; Music; Fairy queen; Giant Girl Christianity
Jeetu Always winner; The one who always get success over difficulties Boy Christianity
Tanuja Daughter; A daughter; Bornof the body daughter Girl Hindu
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