Marathi Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Avatar Incarnation; Descending; Descending. Boy Hindu
Bhuvaneshwari Goddess of earth Girl Hindu
Tarushi Courges; A pumpkin Girl Hindu
Saksham A capable, skilful person; Capable Boy -
Shreeharsh God of happiness; Lord of happiness Boy -
Magesh Lord shiva; A name of god Girl Judaism
Timsy Star; A star or a shining bright star Girl Hindu
Tapan Sun; Hot season; The sun; Summer Boy Hindu
Kshiti Earth; Kshiti means earth Girl Judaism
Hemanga Golden-bodied; Goldenbodied Boy Christianity
Varya Form; Treasure or something precious; Stranger; Foreign Girl Hindu
Ubika Growth Girl Hindu
Tishya The sense of joy and happiness; A star Girl Christianity
Kalyan Fortunate; Good; Welfare; Auspicious; Well-being; A beautiful and auspicious woman; Kalyan means beautiful. blessed Boy Christianity
Elango Prince; Author of tamil masterpiece silappadhikaram; Chera prince who authored the classic silappadhikaram; Name of a chera prince who is author of tamil masterpiece silappadhikara; A variant of name illango; Also ilango Boy -
Dibyendu Light of moon; Blacksmith who has powers Boy Christianity
Navay Naya; Nootan; The fresh an d precious one; New Boy Judaism
Shichi Glow; One who glows Girl -
Kunna Pure; One with good qualities; Good hindu Boy Hindu
Abhisumat Another name of sun; Another name for sun; Radiant; Bright; Luminous Boy Hindu
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