Meen Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Chitrali Line of pictures; A perfect, beautiful lady; A row of pictures Girl Hindu
Darnisha Hidden; A good worker Girl Christianity
Darwin A close friend; Dear friend nineteenth-century naturalist charles darwin was the first major exponent of human evolution Boy Christianity
Dellingr Shining or brilliant; Shining Boy Christianity
Thurman Men of thunder; Servant of thor Boy -
Dimas Variant of demetrius in catholic writings dimas is the compassionate thief who died with jesus; A compassionate and good thief who died with jesus Boy Christianity
Dileep King of a super powerful solar race; Big-hearted; Every lighting in our face; A generous king; Defender; Protector; King of the solar race Boy Hindu
Dussasana One in the ruling power; Brother of duryodhana in mahabharata Boy Hindu
Daler Brave; Valiant one Boy -
Zelma Variant of selma comely; Zelma is the diminutive of anselma and means protected by god Girl Christianity
Diana In mythology; One who has magical powers; Devine. famous bearers: diana was the roman goddess of fertility and childbirth; Goddess of the moon and the hunt; Divine; Bright one; 'all's well that ends well.' daughter to the widow of florence.; Fertile. Girl Christianity
Devanesan Sacred; Holy; Divine; Religious; Spiritual; Pious; Also devaneyan Boy -
Divya Divine brilliance; Brilliant; Divine power; Divine lustre; A divine luster; Divine.; They are brilliant; Extraordinary; Heavenly Girl Hindu
Daniyah Closer; The close one; Nearer Girl -
Devya Spiritual wisdom; Divine power; Devine power; Pious and religious knowledge Boy -
Chaman A garden; A flowering garden Boy Hindu
Thormod Son of odd Boy -
Davindar Emperor of gods; Supreme most god; King of gods Boy -
Diamanta Diamond; One who shines and is strong as diamond Girl Christianity
Chanaky He is the son of canaka; Son of canaka Boy Hindu
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