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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Erik Very funny; A ruler of the world Boy Christianity
Asianne Another name for rising sun; The rising sun. the name of the continent used as a given name. according to the koran the pharaohs wife asia raised the infant moses. a variant of aisha: Girl -
Laabh Earned; Yield; Profit; Gain Boy Hindu
Elmo Worthy to be loved; One who acts like helmet and provides protection Boy Christianity
Aarav Peaceful; Peaceful, ray; Sanskrit: "peaceful, " "melodious sound"; Radiating light; Hope Boy Hindu
Augusta Venerable; Majestic and grand Boy -
Abhigna Valuable, clever mind or glowing; Knowledgeable Girl Hindu
Araju Ichchha; A lovely wish Girl -
Anahi Chaste; Uncertain; The immaculate; One form of word for maize in carib Girl -
Elis God is my helper; One who loves the company of the lord Girl Christianity
Angadh Strength; He is son of vali, who is born of the body and is very strong Boy -
Elamurugu Young looking; Youthful; Juvenile; One of many names of lord muruga in his young form; Young and beautiful Boy -
Afeefa Upright; Honest; A righteous or chaste person Girl -
Abdul raouf A devoted supporter who supports or serves the most merciful & kind-hearted; Servant of the most merciful Boy Islam
Amanah The gift; A gift who attracts trustworthiness and loyalty also who pays respect to allah; Trust Unisex -
Aprameya One of the many names of lord krishna; Beyond Boy Hindu
Amaroop An everlasting immortal beauty; Forever beauty Girl -
Anjani A title of the mother of hanuman; Name of lord hanuman's mother; Hanumans mother; Illusion (maya) Girl Hindu
Anglesey From anglesey; A beautiful name for an angel Boy -
Lenuta A mild natured woman; Mild Girl Christianity
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