Middle east Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Zel Special; Private; Private or special Girl Islam
Walidah Newly born; Newborn Girl Islam
Xantheus One who is golden haired Boy Christianity
Khepri Morning sun Girl -
Mushin A variant of mohsin, meaning one who confers favors; Charitable Boy Islam
Zehab Gold Boy Islam
Zihayr Brilliant; Shining; Brilliant or shining Boy Islam
Zimora Song of praise; A variant of zemira, meaning a branch; Branch Girl Judaism
Sigliah Violet Girl Judaism
Zambak Lily Girl Islam
Mufid Useful Boy Islam
Varten Rose giver Boy Islam
Khazbiika Beautiful Girl Judaism
Uthman Name of one of the companions of prophet muhammad; One of the companions of the prophet Boy Islam
Wijdan Ecstasy, sentiment; Ecstasy sentiment Girl Islam
Mutasim To god); Adhering (to faith; Adhering to faith. to god.; Adhering to god Boy Islam
Zafeer Victorious; One of firm and resolute intention; Successful; Of firm and resolute intention Boy Islam
Khnurn Mythical reborn sun Boy -
Yishai A form of jesse, meaning gift; Gift (father of king david) Boy Judaism
Mulazim Persisting; Tenacious, persisting; Tenacious Boy Islam
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