Mithun Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Cathleen Form of the greek catherine meaning pure; A lady who is pure and innocent Girl Christianity
Corydon Ready to fight; Prepared or ready for a war, battle or fight Boy Christianity
Clair One who is famous; Bright; One who is clear, bright, shiny Boy Christianity
Cassey A woman who helps people; Pure Girl Christianity
Kubra Senior; Great; Kubra means great, senior girl -
Kywan Kywan name means the god is full of mercy; God is merciful Boy Judaism
Cassady From caiside; Variant of cassidy: intelligent; A curly haired girl; Curly-headed Girl Christianity
Cintan Perceptions; One's thoughts; Thinkings; Thought; Perception; One's views; Meditation; Conception Boy Hindu
Courtney Courtly: courteous; Courteous; Domain of the curtius; It is an alternative version of "courtney" Girl -
Krishnabala Young krishna; Meaning of the name is young krishna Boy Judaism
Kalpvan A forest of wishes, desires, longings and cravings; A forest of wishes; Imaginations and thoughts Boy Hindu
Ghaith Water droplets fall from the clouds; Rain Boy -
Kanwalaal Beautiful prince; Kanwalaal means beautiful prince Boy Christianity
Calanthe Beautiful flower; To have the beauty of the flower Girl Christianity
Cera A fiery person; Colorful Girl Christianity
Corrianna A bubbly, frothy seething pool from the round hills; Variant of cory meaning variously - from the round hill: seething pool: ravine Girl Christianity
Caddarik Battle leader; He who leads in the battle Boy Christianity
Casandra A famous phrophetess; Unheeded prophetess in homer's 'the iliad' cassandra's prediction of the fall of troy was unheeded Girl Christianity
Kaviraj Kaviraj means doctor, healer; Doctor Boy Christianity
Kenza Treasure Girl Islam
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