Mrigashira Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Kanwarjagat Meaning of the name is prince of the world; Prince of the world Boy Christianity
Kahemankar Name of a manu in jain mythology Boy Hindu
Katama Katama means best, ewcessively handsome; Best; Excessively handsome Boy Christianity
Beriah Beriah means "calamity" or "misfortune" in hebrew.beryiah or beriah means healthy, sound, fit, well, hale, lusty, bonny; Wholesome, nutritious, healthful, hearty (laugh) beriah can refer to several different biblical figures. beriah ca; In fellowship Boy Christianity
Kimi Kimi means beautiful story; Secret (algonquin) Girl Judaism
Kaarikaa One who is shining and radiant like a star; Actress Boy Hindu
Vedang Part of the sacred knowledge; From the vedas Boy Hindu
Bell Handsome; Beautiful, fine looking, gorgeous Girl Christianity
Kiranjot The name means light of the sunbeam; Ray of light Boy Judaism
Karnandu A variant of the name karna who was a mythological character in indian epic mahabharat; Name of a state Boy Hindu
Becker Living near a stream Boy Christianity
Karisma Gift; Favor; A variant spelling of karishma which means miracle in sanskrit; Favor: gift:carisma; Carisma Girl Hindu
Kanakaprabha The lustre of gold; The name means bright as the gold Girl Christianity
Botulf Variant of botolf: wolf; One who is compared to a wolf Boy Christianity
Kaytlyn Beautiful young child."; The name means she is very pure; "smart Girl Christianity
Borge Variant of birger: helping; A helping person Boy Christianity
Beniamino Son of the right hand; Similar to benedict; Right-hand son Boy Christianity
Karlens Strong and masculine; Karlens means strong and masculine Boy Christianity
Kiranmala Kiranmala means a garland of light; A garland of light; Garland of rays Girl Judaism
Beniamin Favourite son; Son of the right hand Boy Christianity
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