Mula Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Bhiimah Courageous; Powerful; Mighty; The strong Boy -
Yoshi Better or best among the rest; The good; Respectful Boy Hindu
Bhagava Creator and ruler of this universe; The supreme lord; The god Boy -
Yessenia Meaning unknown; A flower Girl Christianity
Bhumi Our world; Earth Boy -
Bheeshmaka Name of king of vidarbha; King of vidarbha; Name of rukmini's father; Rukminis father Boy -
Bhakthavatsala Protector of devotees; One of the many names of lord shri krishna Boy -
Bhakthapriya God who is fond of devotees; One of the many names of lord shri krishna Boy -
Bhuva Fire; The upper world; World; Earth Boy Hindu
Bhanudas A devotee of the sun Boy Hindu
Bhuvesh Lord of earth; Supreme power of the earth; Ruler of the earth; The king of earth; King of the earth Boy -
Bhringaraj Herb name that has medicinal powers; A bee; Ruler of the hair Boy -
Bhudara Earth; One of the many names of lord vishnu Boy -
Bhurji Bharabhunja community; A community of grain parchers; Name of a curry Boy -
Bharosa Belief; Faith; Hope; Trust; Yakin; Confidence Boy -
Yogaj Arising from meditation Boy Hindu
Bhimavega One who is active, quick and has a great speed to do things; With a high speed; Quick; Active Boy -
Bhuwnendra One who rules the earth; Merciful and graceful. they are confident and look through the future; Supreme power in the earth; Bhuwnendra means king of earth. one who rules the earth. people with this name are found to be very ruling; Dominating; King o Boy -
Yovela Hebrew - rejoice; Full of joy; A variant spelling is yovelah; Rejoice Girl Judaism
Bhavishy Advanced; Blooming; Flourishing; Future; Blossoming Boy -
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