Muslim Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Sadeeqa A woman who is both a friend and a companion; Truthful; Honest; Trustworthy Girl -
Naajidah One who accompany. difficult tasks; As brave as a lioness; Courageous Girl -
Kaamil Kaamil name means complete, perfect; Variant of kamil: complete perfect; Perfect Boy -
Tafheem To help someone understand something; Knowledge; Understanding Boy Islam
Karma The name karma means destiny, actions are fate; Fate; Destiny.; Actions are fate. buddhist and hindu concept of the inevitable effect of ones life actions. Girl Christianity
Hatima Ender of doubts, a wise and decisive woman; Generous Girl Christianity
Abdul malik Servant of the sovereign lord; A servant of king, kings of king as it is arabic name allah Boy Islam
Adib A scholar, well-mannered, cultured; Polite Boy -
Nasrullah The one who supports the name of allah; Help of allah Boy -
Hannad Old arabic name; An old name of arabs Boy Christianity
Husam Sword sword edge; A sharp edge of the sword Boy Christianity
Laela Dark beauty; Night; Woman who is dark-haired and beautiful Girl -
Najm udeen Star of the faith; The star of the faith or belief Boy -
Asadel Successful; Most prosperous one Boy -
Nuzhah Desirable trip or expedition spot; Pleasure trip excursion spot Girl -
Baashir Bringer of good news; Seeing; Wise; One known for his bravery and loyalty Boy Islam
Hutun Clouds with rain; Ahe is like a rainy cloud Girl Christianity,Islam
Manzar Sight view; A sight or a view Boy -
Nibras Light; Lamp; The nimble and bright which comes from the lamp Boy -
Taahir Modest; Chaste; Variant of tahir: pure chaste modest; Chaste, modest Boy Islam
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