Native American Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Saloso A cry of the wild goose Unisex -
Kiasax Kiasax means the bear on the left Unisex -
Shawree A cornstalk; A name given to a powerful bear Boy -
Lulu Famous in war.; Pearl; Pearl (tanzanian).; Pet form of the names louise or louella.; Diminutive of louisa: latin feminine form of louis: famous warrior. famous bearer: louisa m. alcott; Woman who is a legendary warrior; Who wrote little women(1868).; Girl Judaism
Maconaquea A captive white one Girl -
Matlalatzin Unclear Girl -
Tarsha A brave woman Girl -
Tarlo Cub of a bear Unisex -
Awendela Morning; They are interesting; Fawn Girl -
Apiatan Lance made with wood; Native american - wooden lance Boy Christianity
Pipaluk Sweet little thing; The little one Girl Christianity
Soyala A time of the winter solstice; Time of the winter solstice (hopi) Girl -
Avonaco They are travel lover; A lean bear; Lean bear (cheyenne) Boy -
Nodin The windy season or blowing; Wind Boy Judaism
Chiana Capital city on the plains; Variant of cheyanne - an algonquian tribe of the great plains and capital city of wyoming Girl Christianity
Anevay The most superior breed; Superior Girl -
Ayita First to dance; First to dance (cherokee) Girl -
Cheveyo Soul warrior; A warrior; Spirit warrior (hopi) Boy Christianity
Aquene Peace; The one spreading peace Boy -
Tablita A tiara a headdress with feathers and symbolic design; Tiara (hopi) Girl Christianity
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