Nordic Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Gunnilde Battle or war Girl -
Karrigan Karrigan means she who is pure Girl Christianity
Karsten Karsten means a man of christian faith; Blessed or annointed one alternate spelling: carsten variant of kristian Boy Christianity
Thora Feminine form of thor (thunder); Thunder goddess Girl -
Thurstun Thor's stone; He who loves thunder Boy -
Ranveig House woman; A house woman Girl -
Jorn Name jorn means vigilant watchman; Vigilant watchman Boy Christianity
Tappen The top of the hanging rock; Top of the hanging rock Unisex Christianity
Gunnild Battle and war Girl -
Kolja Kolja means victor of the people Boy -
Lova Swedish for promise, vow Girl Judaism
Jorun The name jorun means love Boy Christianity
Kol Dark; Kol means dark Boy -
Langlif The one who lives a long life Boy -
Rasmus Amiable; He who is beloved Boy -
Kite Kite means the one who cuts down Boy Judaism
Salo He who brings luck and fortune Boy -
Terican A complete ruler Girl -
Katrena Form of catherine; Pure; The name means clear, pure Girl Sikh
Juho Juho means be merciful Boy Christianity
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