Norman Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Dicun A diminutive of richard, meaning powerful ruler Boy Christianity
Kresimir The name comes from slavic elements kresu, which means spark, light, rouse and miru, which means peace, world Boy Christianity
Lyudmil Favorite of the people Boy Christianity
Ninoslav The name is derived from a slavic elements, nyni which means "now", combined with slava, which translates to "glory" Boy Christianity
Ragnulf Adviser wolf, warrior Boy Christianity
Milosh Gracious, dear; Sweet; Charming; "glad; Happy; Nice; Pleasant; Dear; Brings happiness. the person everyone is glad to see." Boy Christianity
Herta Derived from nerthus the norse goddess of fertility; Of the earth Girl Christianity
Elyzée My god is an oath Girl Christianity
Boguslav God's glory Boy Christianity
Cllementene Mild or merciful Girl Christianity
Ernestene She who is earnest Girl Christianity
Lorencio A form of lawrence, meaning from laurentum Boy Christianity
Varangot Derivative of varange it means bottom of a boat Boy Christianity
Josse Lord Boy Christianity
Garsea Bear Boy Christianity
Âbréhan Norman form of abraham, meaning father of multitudes Boy Christianity
Chestirad Honor, or happy or willing Boy Christianity
Hamo House or home introduced from germany during the norman conquest also used as a surname; House or home Boy Hindu
Hamlyn Variant of hamo: house or home introduced from germany during the norman conquest also used as a surname; Home or house Boy Christianity
Volodimeru A form of vladimir, meaning great or famous ruler Boy Christianity
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