Norse Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Tove Good Girl Christianity
Alfgeir Elfin's spear; E!fin spear Boy Christianity
Asgrim In njal's saga the chieftain of tongue; Leadership ability; Name of a thief Boy -
Sia One who is victorious, one who won; Moving; Help Girl -
Bodile Fighting woman; A fighting woman Girl Christianity
Rowen A red berried tree; Red haired Unisex -
Balder Bold army; Means ' prince' or brave warrior or 'son of odin' Boy -
Frea Generous; Derived from old norse goddess's name freyja, it means the lady or mistress Girl Christianity
Hlif Mother of atli Girl Christianity
Isolf Son of hrani Boy Christianity
Hildelida A woman who fights in war Girl Hindu
Sindri A mythical dwarf; He who splarkles Boy Christianity
Saga The all-seeing one; Drank with odin in her hall Girl -
Heiritha A worthy woman Girl Christianity
Molde Plural form of mold which means a soil which is fertile Boy Judaism
Age Aegir; Ancestors aesir; Old norse - representatives of ancestors; Derivative of aage Boy Christianity
Dyre A dear or precious one; A valuable and dear one Boy Christianity
Ansgar Old norse - god spear; Gentle friend; A variant name of oscar; Warrior Boy Christianity
Garthrite One who owns a place or enclosure Boy Christianity
Johanne God has favoured , he is merciful benovlent , kind and gracious; Legend name jolgeir Girl Christianity
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